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BARDO is an intermediate, transitional, 
or liminal state between death and rebirth in Buddhist and Hindu
 tradition. What is an intermediate being, and an intermediate existence? 
Intermediate existence, which inserts itself between existence at death and existence 
at birth, not having arrived at the location where it should go, cannot be said to be born. 
Between death — that is, the five skandhas of the moment of death — and 
arising — that is,the five skandhas of the moment of rebirth — there 
is found an existence — a “body” of five skandhas — that goes to
 the place of rebirth. This existence between two realms of 
rebirth (gatī) is called intermediate existence.*

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Cristal Singing Bowls


What is 432Hz music?

432 Hz music contains sounds generated at a vibrational frequency of 432 Hertz. One Hertz is the unit symbol for frequency in physics. Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time – indicates how many repetitive processes (such as vibrations) take place per second. This means that the tone with a frequency of 432 Hz has 432 vibrations per second.*

Everything is energy

Albert Einstein said, “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” What it means is that – because everything is composed of energy – everything in the universe vibrates in a certain frequency, thus creating a unique resonance.

SCIENCE behind 432 Hz Music

Sonic Energy Healing

It is scientifically proven that listening to music or sounds with resonance of the body’s natural frequencies, such as solfeggio frequencies, can help to balance the mind and improve cognitive processes.

Cristal singing bowls tuned to 432 Hz frequency work perfectly harmonized with the frequency of the human brain and heart. 432 Hz music has a healing effect on both emotional and energetic levels.

What this means for you – while sound bath sessions you could experience:

* removal of energetic blockages, emotional release

* change for the better in processing of negative experiences

* feelings of being at ease with everything

* feeling music in your whole body more than hearing it

* spontaneous outbreaks of deepest feelings because of brain and heart stimulation

* possibility of entering altered states of consciousness

* opening for process of development and healing

* deep physical and mental relaxation, stress relief

― Music ―

Root Chakra Sounds 432 Hz Singing Bowls Mantra LAM

Written, mastered, edited, sung & recorded by Bardo – Sonic Energy®
Crystal singing bowls played by Bardo – Sonic Energy®
Copyright © 2023 Bardo – Sonic Energy®
Vienna 2023

― About me ―

Bardo – Sonic Energy

Yogini Joanna – scenographer, visual artist, musician, Shaktipat Guru, alpinist and mountaineer

I loved music my whole life – since i got a first walkman from my father i have never left the house without taking music with me. Because of that i always associated music with places – each visual memory was connected to the particular music, so it was easy to access all the circumstances and emotional content of the past just through listening. List of my all favorite songs became like a diary where i have stored my experiences forever.

Music was important for me also in a different way – parallel to primary school i was attending primary music school, in the class of piano, at the age of 12 i started talking guitar lessons, so i have gained a good musical education from the start. During my studies at the universities i turned mostly to visual arts, and at that time started my passion for eastern spirituality, culture and philosophy, sacred geometry, but also for geometry in general, Universe and astrophysics. Fascination with the eastern culture and yoga pushed me into searching for the real experience instead of just reading about it. I became dedicated Ashtangi, i started teaching yoga too. I attended many classes and workshops with famous yogis, tantrics and shamans, looking for answers and trying to expand my consciousness.

During this long journey in the search for meaning, somewhere on the way i started to write music. Just trying things out on my computer, and writing mostly experimental stuff. This is how my first musical identity was born – Hela Bertz, visual artist in the dark discotheque. And i wanted more and more – wanted learn to play more instruments, so i learned to play cello a bit and a bit of bansuri flute, and then i discovered the crystal singing bowls… it was the love from the first sound 🙂 and Bardo – Sonic Energy project was brought into life.

432 Hz music connects my two big passions: art and science. For me art, science and fields that deal with consciousness are closely connected. The design of our Universe follows certain patterns, and those patterns repeat itself everywhere we look – let it be design of plants and features of animal bodies, human cells and DNA, atoms, inorganic matter, micro and macro world, planets, stars and galaxies – everything has the same building blocks and operates with the set of the same rules. What it means that there is a written code of the Universe – the imprint of the primordial force which created everything around us, and this code is waiting to be uncovered and understood by science. But is there a direct way to this understanding? Like Carl Sagan said: “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the Universe to know itself.” All ancient Sanskrit texts say the same thing, just put in a different order – know the self and then you will know the Universe.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Joanna’s soundbaths are magic and her divine energy and sounds are deeply restorative, healing and heart activating. 

I invited Joanna to do soundbaths in my Cacao ceremonies and my group enjoyed the spirited sounds deeply, her soundbaths contributed to reduce stress and enhance the meditative state of my group and to create a beautiful atmosphere of harmony and deep healing. 

I would highly recommend Joanna’s soundbaths, if you are working one on one or are booking a soundbath for your group, you will enjoy her presence and the blissful sounds. 

Catherine Le Blanc, Kambograce


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I am based in Vienna, Austria but i work also internationally.

PHONE: +43 68110226745

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